I guess being dead would hurt a marriage

Posted by The Andrews on 17:56 8/3/01

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The other day I was looking over the page on the Kingdom of Verduria; specifically, the section on Verduria's royal family.

It says, quote : "Princess Shelicöra lived for a time in Barakhún, but complained of the cold, and she now lives with her husband on one of the royal estates in Zeir (or sometimes without him; the marriage is said to be troubled)."

But then, up in the family tree above the following quote, it shows Princess Shelicöra's husband Iriand Oknorey lived from 3423-3476. The current year in Verduria is 3480, no?

I suppose the marriage must be troubled, if the husband is dead!

Or perhaps this was just a mistake, albeit a humorous one.


Mark responds:

Oops! Looks like I killed him off while making the chart, but resurrected him while writing the commentary. I'll change the chart-- thanks for pointing this out!

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