Ktuvok languages

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 8:54 8/3/01

In reply to: the ethics of language tampering posted by Gustavo S. Pereira on 1:14 7/28/01

Talking of ktuvoki languages, from what language does the word "ktuvok" originally come, and what does it mean? The thematic dictionary indicates that it was Cadhinorian for "demon", but it doesn't say that for sure, and the ktuvoki could also have taken it from another language.

Mark responds:

It's from Elkarûl, the language of (at least the nearer) elcari. I don't know if it has a recoverable meaning there. (Nmurthankh "Múrtany" does; it means "one who denies elcarin solidarity and is ugly, too." n- agentive + murth community + -ban 'anti-' + -kh depreciative.)

The Dhekhnami word for 'ktuvok' is gondaum, which means 'master'.

The Cuêzi word is amnigo, meaning 'son of Amna:s', the chief of the evil angels.

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