Posted by epdiii on 1:13 8/3/01

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Hey! I just thought of something! This is kind of a dumb question... What would a native Verdurian speaker's accent sound like if he spoke English? :)

Mark responds:

Hmm... well, try pronouncing the following as if it were Verdurian:

Ai met e treávelor from en eynchent leánd
U sed: Tu veást en troncles legz ov ston
Steánd în dhi dezort. Nir dhem, oán dhi seánd,
Eáf sonc, e shátord vayzedzh layz, uz fraun
En rinceld lîp, en snir ov cold comeánd
Tel dheát îts scolptor uel dhoz peáshonz red...
By the way, epdii, how about introducing yourself? What's your name and where do you live?
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