Which Almean languages do you speak?

Posted by epdiii on 14:51 7/31/01

In reply to: Which Almean languages do you speak? posted by Philip Newton on 5:56 7/12/01

Neat! I was wondering, did you ever make any sound recordings of Verdurian? I've always wondered what it was really meant to sound like. Whenever I attempt to speak it I butcher it tremendously (My lousy American accent buctchers all the languages that I speak, lol).

Mark responds:

I don't have any recordings... hmm, I think I can make .wav files on this machine; I'll look into that.

American accents are murder on most languages, I think! It's our diphthongs, mostly. I remember an airline pilot once addressing "say-nyor-race pass-uh-hey-rows." Yeeks!

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