The Languages of the Ilii and the Flaidish

Posted by epdiii on 13:17 7/31/01

In reply to: The languages of the Ilii and Flaidish posted by Panu Höglund on 6:44 6/29/01

These two languages interest me greatly. What will Flaidish sound like? I am predicting that it will be very odd-sounding but complex; or am I wrong?

Anyway, has anyone here seen the new movie "A.I"? Well, at the end, there is this race of aliens that comes to Earth to do some sort of excavation. They "speak" a very strange language that you can hear in only one scene (in the rest they speak English, go figure). Something similar to it might just fit the Ilii. It's a bunch of odd humming and whistling noises that sounds like music, but apparently they can express complex thoughts with those noises. It's very interesting indeed. I have no idea how anyone would be able to write that kind of language down on paper. Perhaps they could use a system that resembles music notes?

Mark responds:

Flaidish sounds a lot like English, in fact. I recently created the very first bit of Flaidish morphology: mell = 'good'; biit = 'study'; mellbit = 'morality' (the study of the good).

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