Irregular verbs worsened!

Posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 22:32 7/25/01

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Philip's recent posting on "I love you" reminded me that I've been dissatisfied for some time with the irregular verbs in Cadhinor. There seemed to be little rhyme or reason to them, nor any clear derivational path from proto-Eastern.

So, I've reworked this bit of grammar. Most irregular verbs in Cadhinor now go back to a set of proto-Eastern forms called the "simple forms", which point enticingly to an earlier agglutinative stage in the language.

The corresponding verbs in Ismaîn and Barakhinei have been updated, and there are now a few more of them.

I haven't messed with Verdurian yet, but I expect to. (I also need to look again at Axunashin, Cuêzi, and Obenzayet...)

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